• For Prospective PhD Students

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  • Oliver Burkeman’s last column: the eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life

    by Oliver Burkeman https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/sep/04/oliver-burkemans-last-column-the-eight-secrets-to-a-fairly-fulfilled-life

  • Suggestions for running a faculty search

    Suggestions for running a faculty search

    By David Fay New faculty are the lifeblood of any department. Over the past 20+ years, I’ve seen different iterations of the faculty search process, including occasional forays into semi-dysfunctional chaos. One danger is when the process becomes unduly influenced by individuals or factions with a narrow agenda. Another is search fatigue or burnout, which…

  • 5 Tips for Journal Club First-Timers

    by Lucy Bauer https://irp.nih.gov/blog/post/2015/03/5-tips-for-journal-club-first-timers

  • Improving journal club presentations, or, I can present that paper in under 10 minutes

    by Mark D Schwartz, Deborah Dowell, Jaclyn Aperi and Adina L Kalet

  • Taking Positive Steps Towards PhD Success

    by Samuel Dada https://hellobio.com/blog/taking-positive-steps-towards-phd-success.html

  • The “Murder Mystery” Journal Club

    The “Murder Mystery” Journal Club

    by Jeff Farrell (inspired by Andi Pauli and Victoria Deneke) You present the paper as a “who done it” where the rest of the lab brainstorms how the authors may have conducted the study. Only the presenter reads the paper in this case. The Presenter:

  • When I Retire (an aspirational poem)

    By David Fay When I retire I want colleagues to say:Why are you retiring?You’re still publishing papers!You’re still doing important service!You’re still teaching a key course! Yes. When I retire I want to pass the baton running at a full sprint.Or at least a respectable jog. When I retire I want to my colleagues to…

  • The complete @wyomingwormboy collection

    by David Fay https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GGVDlv3-fYJwl49q8-JGnO8cr4iPuMhB

  • Grant reviews of famous novels

    Grant reviews of famous novels

    By David Fay The Three MusketeersSuccess of the individual musketeers is overly dependent on the success of the other two musketeers. To Kill a MockingbirdMissing detailed IACUC protocol for mockingbird euthanasia. Moby-DickFishing expedition. Of Mice and MenPI lacks expertise in both systems. Great ExpectationsOverly ambitious. One Hundred Years of SolitudeUnlikely to complete studies within a…