About HIAS

Meet the team behind Help, I’m a Scientist!

Katherine W. Rogers is a tenure-track investigator at NICHD in Bethesda, Maryland since summer 2021. She was a postdoc with Patrick Müller at the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory of the Max Planck Society in Tübingen, Germany, and did her PhD with Alex Schier at Harvard University. She was also an undergraduate researcher with David Fay at the University of Wyoming! Her lab uses molecular optogenetics and zebrafish embryos to study how developmental signaling is decoded.

David S. Fay has been a professor at the University of Wyoming in Laramie since 2001. He was a postdoc with Min Han at the University of Colorado, Boulder (HHMI) and did his PhD with David Stern at Yale University. He was also Katherine Roger’s research advisor when she was an undergraduate at Wyoming! His lab uses molecular genetics and other approaches to study how cells shuttle around protein cargos and how worms molt. He is also the Associate Director of the NIH Wyoming INBRE program project grant.

Yana Nightingale is the site designer behind Help, I’m a Scientist! She currently works as a free-lance software developer and as an Office Associate in the department of Molecular Biology at the University of Wyoming along with David Fay. When David approached her about the idea for HIAS, she jumped at the chance for a creative side-project and has thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the HIAS team to help bring the vision to life.

HIAS is supported by an Institutional Development Award (IDeA) to the University of Wyoming from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health (2P20GM103432).