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Calls for new content

  1. Scientific origin stories.
    Scientists travel many different paths—sometimes quite circuitous—before reaching their destinations, which are not always final. What’s your story and what takeaways might help others?
  2. Achieving a work-life balance.
    It can be hard to juggle our careers, relationships, and outside interests, along with the simple need for some down time. What have you learned during your career that might help others achieve this sometimes-elusive goal.
  3. Thoughts, experiences, and advice from under-represented groups in science.
    Something we all need to hear and understand, not just those going through it.
  4. Having doubts about continuing with grad school, your postdoc, or another career stage?
    When is it time to dig in or to bow out gracefully? And once you’ve decided, how to best go about it? Perspectives from people who’ve been there.
  5. Adjusting to new laboratories, scientific fields, and academic/social cultures.
    As scientists, we move around a lot. Insights from scientists who have navigated these waters and what important lessons they took away.
  6. Contending with the “two-body problem”.
    Meeting partners through science is a time-honored tradition. But it can pose challenges. What advice would you give to others?
  7. Leaving the academy.
    Only a minority of scientists remain within academia. What are the options, what are those jobs like, and how do you get there?
  8. Other ideas or requests?
    We’d love to receive content with new perspectives on existing topics or just requests to cover topics that we haven’t thought of yet!

Rules of play

  1. Above all else, submissions should be constructive
  2. Keep it concise. Generally, 1–3 single-spaced pages should be the max.
  3. Negative statements, such as those about previous mentors or trainees, should not be written in a way as to implicate those individuals.
  4. We recognize that there are as many opinions on the topics covered by HIAS as there are scientists with opinions. And that there is value in presenting different and even opposing perspectives. Our aim is to provide a range of viewpoints from scientists who differ with respect to career stage, job types, scientific subfields, genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, and general life outlooks. Readers are credited with being able to distinguish views and advice that ultimately resonate the most with them.